COURSES in Alexander Technique & Dart Procedures FOR 2019



The procedures created by Professor Dart in the 1940's are relevant on several levels. They are fascinating to perform, they relate to the progression of all vertebrates through the evolution of movement, they can be used to explore and develop the inhibitory & directive elements of the Alexander Technique and they can be used to assist people with injuries, and even with disabilities to restore functioning. They are relevant for the somatic artist, the physician and anyone interested in evolution and anyone interested in the Alexander Technique.

Course in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast


The Alexander Technique - The Evolution of Movement Dart Procedures

 The Lighthouse, Turkey - August 3-10, 2019

booking & information:

Accommodation: stay, breakfast & supper 7 nights 265 euros (sharing) 420 euros (single)

Tuition: 350 euros for all information


Some comments from the participants:

"Good creative atmosphere - taught with great experience and care" ; "I like your enthusiasm, your enormous knowledge and experience" ; "clear connection with Alexander work"