"The Use of the Self" F.M. Alexander

"Indirect Procedures" Pedro de Alcantara (Oxford Clarendon Press 1997)

"Body Learning" Michael Gelb (Aurum Press 1994)

"Freedom to Change" F.P.Jones (Mouritz)

A full list of available titles in English can be found at

"The Evolution of Movement" Robin John Simmons (RJMS publications 2015) (see menu item Evolution of Movement)


Medien CD etc.


"RELEASE INTO BALANCE" a helpful CD and accompanying booklet to assist anyone wishing to improve their Alexander Technique **

Ideal for teachers to recommend to pupils

"Like having several lessons from an experienced teacher"

"It works so well when someone speaks you through the orders"

"It's a great help to know that you are being given precise and correct self-help instructions"

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