Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT
Teacher and internationally approved teacher trainer of F.M. Alexander Technique, Director of Training ATLAZ
Teacher of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Teacher of Evolutionary Procedures of Prof. Raymond Dart (Author of "The Evolution of Movement")
Instructor of Nordic Walking
Robin has given workshops in many Countries including Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, Austria, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey),Australia and India. Robin has given many presentations on different themes connected to F.M. Alexander Technique on Congresses & elsewhere:
A.T. & Seating
A.T. & Running
A.T. & Tennis
A.T. & Skiing
A.T. & Golf
A.T. & Nordic Walking
A.T. & Dart Evolutionary Procedures
A.T. & its Application to the world of business and the workplace
A.T. & its application to the Disabled
A.T. & T'ai Chi
A.T. & Car & bus driving

Married to Béatrice Heiz:
Alexander Teacher, Shamanic Counsellor, Fragrance Consultant, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist


Béatrice Simmons SBAT MSTAT
Teacher and Teacher-Trainer of the F.M. Alexander Technique, Co-Director of ATLAZ
Shamanic Practitioner, Consultations & Ceremonies,
Aroma Creations & Consultations,
Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner
I am working with the Alexander Technique and I am a member of the professional bodies in Switzerland (SBAT) and the U.K. (MSTAT), as well as being recognised by the Affiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique worldwide.
I have been working for many years with essential oils and I was the co-founder of the Society for Aromatology and Aromatherapy (Veroma) under Martin Henglein, and co-organised the first International Congress for Aromatherapy in Switzerland. My long-time experience in this field is reflected in my many aroma creations, bath essences and perfumes, and I give fragrance consultations.
In my shamanic consultations I accompany people along their life path and support their search for themselves and their healing, and I am applying my knowledge individually in each case and I am regularly asked to give workshops and presentations at International Shamanic Congresses.
My home bases in Switerland are in Zürich and in Brig. CONTACT: