"I feel extraordinarily good at the school ATLAZ, well cared for and appreciated with competent, caring guidance from Béatrice & Robin John. They put over the Technique in a logical and convincing way and they give and engender tremendous enthusiasm for the work." (EJ a student trained with us)

This school has been continuously training teachers since 1982 and teachers qualified from the school are now teaching throughout the world. Originally the school was based in London, UK, and moved to Switzerland in 2003. We aim to give the highest quality of training so consequently we maintain the high standards set by the Society of Alexander Teachers in the UK (STAT) as that is the area where the school began. This implies that we plan the training to take at least 1600 hours over a three-year period.  Our school is an official training centre for teachers of the Alexander Technique in Switzerland under the auspices of SBAT, the official Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Switzerland.

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We are located on the top floor at Dufourstrasse 131, 8008 Zürich which is conveniently only 1 minute walk from the Höschgasse tram stop (trams 2 & 4). A lift takes you to our premises on the 5th floor. We are especially favoured since we enjoy long distant views towards the Uetliberg hills across the lake of Zürich. We are only 5 minutes walk from the lakeside. We also enjoy a roof terrace where we hold our tea-breaks and some discussion sessions when the weather permits.  From the roof terrace the views are even better!

From our long experience of training teachers we have confirmed that the basic principle of training is that it is essential to fundamentally change and upgrade the coordination of each student to a high level prior to the student working on others, so that when the time comes to work on others they themselves are in an optimal condition. So the first year of training is essentially to effect this improvement in each student. Our training is semi-structured to allow for new or unexpected input, and to allow for visits from other AT teachers which happens fairly often.  The main part of the programme involves learning how to work on yourself based on the principles of the technique. We give you clear guidelines on how you can develop your personal in depth understanding of the technique which will serve you long after you have qualified. Each week we usually include a reading from one of Alexander’s four books and engage in discussion about it to understand more clearly his wide ranging views and teaching points, plus we are often clarifying teaching points with detailed reference to anatomy and physiology.  We think it is important that these activities are carried out in the school context so that all students benefit from the discussions in an Alexander training group setting. We also teach students how to think through the foundation procedures of the technique so that when it comes to working with others and actually teaching, each student has complete confidence in what they are doing and in how to go about the teaching process.

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In class each student is given a mini-lesson (or possibly more than one mini lesson) each training session from the Head of Training. When there are visiting teachers the students will receive mini lessons from them as well. The ratio we adhere to is the UK standard of (at least) 1-5. Students are guided as to how to employ the remainder of class time to gain maximum benefit for themselves. This might include practising various “games” that are regularly taught to highlight certain aspects of the Technique.  There will be time given to instruct the group as a whole in the performance of carefully organised activities. The checklist of basic principles of the Technique which is used in the UK Society to monitor and assist students in training is especially important. We discuss aspects of this checklist regularly. We sometimes show films and also clips from the internet to highlight certain aspects to the Technique.


The school runs for 34 weeks of the year:

Monday  14.00 – 18.00

Tuesday  08.00 – 12.00

Wednesday  08.30 – 12.30

We also have 9 or 10 Sundays when the school meets from 10.30 – 17.00.

SUNDAYS: May 21, June 25, July 16, Aug. 27, Sept. 17, Okt. 22, Dez. 10



In addition students receive regular individual sessions during the year with the head of training. Further to this we have our students accompany us for one week each year to a location outside of Zürich. In recent years we have travelled within Switzerland, also to Greece and to the U.K. In recent trips to England we have visited several AT training centres which our students particulary appreciated.

We conduct individual interviews several times a year where students can express their concerns and seek advice about completion of the written and other tasks that are part of the course.

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ATLAZ is committed to offer a high level of training that enables students to practice in Switzerland as well as abroad.


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We are working closely with SBAT to comply with the new Government requirements for training teachers.

At ATLAZ we believe it is of essential importance to retain the maximum contact hours possible with the student in order to assist them in the transformation necessary to be fit for hands-on teaching.

We plan to incorporate as far as possible the anatomy programme and the other aspects of the Government requirements within our training programme. And the school will be monitoring each students progress and will be directly on hand to assist with any aspect of the Government programme.

2017 CALENDAR (from April)

School On: April 24 - May 31                               Break: June 1 - June 25

School On: June 26 - July 19                                  Break: July 20 - August 20

School On: Aug. 21 - Sept. 20                                  Break: Sept. 21 - Okt. 8

School On: Okt. 9 - Nov. 1                                      Break: Nov. 2 - Nov. 26

School On: Nov. 27 - Dez. 20                               Break: Dez. 21 - Jan. 7. 2018