JANUARY 20-21: Dart Procedures course in AMSTERDAM, Holland  
FEBRUARY 18th a workshop on PAIN in Zürich
MARCH 4th a workshop on the wisdom of IRENE TASKER in Zürich
MARCH 25th a workshop on WIDENING  & LIFTING & CARRYING in Zürich
APRIL 21-22 Dart Procedures Course in Denmark.
JUNE 1-3: Our annual Course in the Alexander Technique at Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos.  
FURTHER COURSES in TURKEY (12-19 AUGUST) for the Evolutionary Procedures of Professor Dart and also in INDIA (to be announced) .

Robin & Béatrice are very experienced teachers and teacher trainers of the Alexander Technique. They have been giving courses for many years. Typical responses to these courses are remarks such as:

"You have given me my body back", "My pain has gone and I feel much better able to manage any recurrence", "I left feeling lengthened and widened and more confident". for all information

Since I had to cancel these first 3 workshops last year I am offering them again. They are mainly, but not exclusively, for AT teachers and senior students.

PAIN :    Sunday February 18th 14.00 - 17.00  (100 CHF)

- understand pain better to help yourself and your pupils

pain imagePain is one of the most frequent experiences that bring people to take lessons in the Alexander Technique. However, there are one or two fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of pain that can give pupils and teachers of the Technique tendencies to evaluate the pain situation poorly. By getting a clearer understanding of the nature of pain and the anatomical background to the experience of pain it is possible to have a more accurate and more open view of how to help someone who is suffering from pain.

In this workshop we will examine several aspects of pain. First we will look at the nature of pain. Then we will consider how our new understanding will help us in teaching people who have pain. Thirdly we will look at various ways that we can offer in the Alexander Technique that can have both immediate and also long-term relief of pain.

The workshop will last for 3 hours with a break in the middle.  It is open to all Teachers of the Alexander Technique and also to all trainees training to become teachers plus anyone interested to manage their pain better.

Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT has been teaching the Technique since 1972. He has had numerous pupils come to him with pain symptoms that they were anxious to get rid of. He has had many success stories of helping pupils manage their pain better and even eliminating it.   


WHAT IRENE TASKER TAUGHT ME:    Sunday March 4th 14.00 - 17.00  (100 CHF)

- gain new ways of working originated by one of the first AT teachers.

irene taskerIrene Tasker was one of the first teachers Alexander trained to teach his Technique who was not part of his family. He trained her in around 1918-20. As a trained teacher of the Montessori method Irene ran Alexander's "Little School" for children. I met her in 1972 and had some lessons from her. In a short time I learnt some special aspects of the Alexander Technique which I have found very valuable in my teaching and which I still employ today. I have not seen these aspects that Irene showed me taught anywhere.

In this workshop we will have a brief look at how Irene Tasker fits into the Alexander Technique story but we will particularly focus on the practical ways of working I learnt from her in 1972. You will learn ways of working that are part of Irene's legacy to the teaching of F.M.Alexander.

The workshop will last for 3 hours with a break in the middle.  It is open to all Teachers of the Alexander Technique and also to all trainees training to become teachers.


WIDENING plus LIFTING & CARRYING:    Sunday March 25th 14.00 - 17.00  (100 CHF)

- discover the practical understanding of these basic actions which are rarely correctly either understood or performed in practice.

widen the backWIDENING:  Although lengthening is fairly easy to understand widening can be less clear to many people including AT teachers. What does widening the back actually mean? How can we get our pupils to activate this important aspect of our work and what are the benefits?

In this part of the workshop we will explore several practical ways I have been using for many years to help pupils understand widening and its importance. You will learn procedures that you will almost certainly not have seen before and go away with ways of working you can immediately apply in your teaching.

wrong lifting methodLIFTING & CARRYING: I am always surprised when I read recommendations of how to lift and carry in books on the Alexander Technique that the basics of such activities are not mentioned. This seems to mean that these vital activities that we all carry out each day are poorly understood even by teachers of the Alexander Technique who write books! There are certain fundamental "rules" that need to be learnt in order to ensure that lifting and carrying are done with the minimum of effort and with maximum skill. Once you have mastered these simple basic "rules" they can then be applied to any situation where lifting is required, from carrying the shopping to lifting weights in the gym. For example, rule #1 is "I never lift anything" ! Come and find out what that might mean when you lift (the image above is supposed to be the "correct" way to lift but it is not at all correct!).

You will go away from this workshop with new understandings and new practical ways of applying the Alexander Technique to these important aspects of living.

The workshop will last for 3 hours with a break in the middle.  It is open to all Teachers of the Alexander Technique and also to all trainees training to become teachers and to anyone interested to master these skills.  


All workshops are held at ATLAZ, DUFOURSTRASSE 131, 8008 Zürich and cost 100 CHF.

A receipt and certificate of attendance will be issued for all workshops to satisfy the relevant authorities.

The courses that follow are for EVERYONE  interested in the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE or the EVOLUTION of MOVEMENT (Dart Procedures) programmes.


The Dart Procedures: a weekend course in Odense, Denmark

Comments from past participants:

"Good creative atmosphere - taught with great experience and care" ; "I like your enthusiasm, your enormous knowledge and experience" ; "clear connection with Alexander work" 


 Dart in Denmark

The Dart Procedures: a weekend course in Odense, Denmark                       November 1-3  (1,500 Dk)

This course will take place at the AOF Centre in Odense, Denmark. Everyone welcome.  All enquiries to me at                    

The procedures created by Professor Dart in the 1940's are relevant on several levels.They are fascinating to perform, they relate to the progression of the evolution of movement of vertebrates, they can be used to explore and develop the inhibitory and directive elements of the Alexander Technique, and they can be used to help people with injuries and even with disabilities to restore functionality.

They are relevant for the somatic artist, dancers, actors, and physiologists or medical experts, and also for anyone interested in experiential evolution and the Alexander Technique.

THE COURSE IS HELD: At AOF Centre Odense, Denmark  (course number 90067)

FEE: 1,500 Danish Krone payable to AOF (Tel: +45 65317277

LOCATION: AOF-Odense.Dk   Hunderupvej 103,  Odense M, Denmark

Advice about local accommodation is available. Contact


The Alexander Technique : Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos.

1st - 3rd June 2018

"Psychophysical Sensibility"


I am very much looking forward to the annual weekend at Hawkwood College.

It will run from Friday afternoon 3.15 pm until Sunday afternoon 4pm. We will continue with the tradition of starting each day with an optional quiet period preceded by a little T’ai Chi.

Béatrice and I will be probably joined by a third teacher at Hawkwood. Some AT teachers working with musicians have been exploring new ways of understanding the use of the arms. This can apply to everyone so we will include these insights. Also I have recently been working with the resolution of Primitive Reflexes and this work will also be touched on in the weekend - these aspects will be part of the "different again" elements.

The programme will include both group work and individual sessions and it will be reflecting the continuing development and depth of understanding and experience of the Alexander Technique that each year brings. We have new ways of helping you to release, to lengthen and to widen. So it will be different again, as ever.

The weekend will once again be suitable both for those with experience of the Technique and those with little or no experience of it.

We are confident that everyone will benefit and enjoy the workshop.

COST: Single £300  Shared £260  Non-res £220

The Hawkwood College website is



CONTACT US BY EMAIL for all information